Whilst ‘specials’ are unlicensed, they are subject to rigorous quality standards imposed by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), which ensures they are made in suitable and controlled manufacturing facilities. They are stable, fit for purpose and subject to effective recall and monitoring systems.

We supply therapy options for patients with unmet clinical needs, by developing and manufacturing a range of high-quality, stable formulations of established compounds with an acceptable shelf life, including liquids for children, solid dose and topical presentations, and injections for emergency treatment.

We also supply an ever-expanding range of novel, patent-protected products for use under specials guidelines.

We can also create new formulations to meet the requirements of prescribers.

We contract out the manufacture of all finished products to UK contract manufacturers with valid UK Manufacturer of Specials licences (MS). This ensures superior quality products and packaging, and full compliance with regulatory requirements.