Ethicor Pharma is a speciality pharmaceutical

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“Ethicor Pharma is dedicated to supplying novel and creative Medicines to Healthcare Professionals as a result of collaborative thinking…”

Ethicor Pharma is a speciality pharmaceutical company committed to the development and distribution of medicinal products (‘specials’) on request from healthcare professionals to meet the clinical needs of individual patients when authorised medicines are not a suitable or appropriate treatment option. Many common current product excipients (alcohol, preservatives, flavours, colours etc.) are potentially harmful to children and the elderly, and wherever possible we avoid these components. In addition, children and the elderly will not take unpalatable medicines, or cannot swallow large solid oral dosage forms, and for this reason, many of our products are presented as oral liquids.

Ethicor Pharma supplies batch-manufactured unlicensed medicines, produced in the UK by experienced manufacturing contractors who comply with MHRA required quality standards and GMP requirements.

Ethicor Pharma products are made available at commercially competitive prices, and are delivered promptly when required. We will provide formulation information including a Certificate of Analysis when requested by medical professionals. We also have a range of products in development stages. These are being advanced in response to unmet medical needs as a result of discussions, and in collaboration with, clinicians and pharmacists.

Ethicor Pharma can assist companies with novel, patented medicines to access the specials market.

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